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Have you ever asked yourself why other websites are designed so well and appear on the first page of Google, getting tons of clicks and views, but your website goes by unnoticed despite offering great services and products? Then you are in the right place. In this short article you will be introduced to one of the top website design companies in Dubai, Digitally Dubai, which is specialized in designing international-level websites at a cheap and affordable price. You could also find useful information about having a website, WordPress design, and SEO. You will learn why a website is useful, how we can help you, why WordPress is a great option for your website, and how we can improve your site with SEO. So, if you are interested in propelling in your business in the online world, this article could give you insight into this matter.

Why You Need a Website?

In today’s world where digital marketing is increasingly utilized by millions of companies and persons, it will be a great loss if your company steers clear of this method of marketing. It does not matter what you do, industry, culture, education, construction, etc.; regardless of your field of expertise, you can achieve many thins when you have a site. There is a lot you can do with a website: first of all, you can introduce yourself and your business without paying a great deal of money to broadcast or billboard agencies. You might want to inform your potential targets about your services and products, then where better than a website? You may say a page on social media could prove more advantageous, but please keep in mind that not everyone has access to platforms like Instagram, all the while, accessing a website today is just as easy as lighting a match.

The first thing needed for a successful business in the online world is a well-designed website. An efficient website development can help you and your business thrive at the best by attracting and targeting every potential customer. Although there are different platforms to design a web, e. g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, OpenCart, and Prestashop. Properly designing a website needs time and proficiency, and not every business owner can spend time on the matter. The next thing you need is to keep track of site by maintaining and optimizing it as you move further into your business. You could do it yourself, then again you will have to invest a lot of time and effort in learning everything needed. Or you could leave it to experts to do it for you, and that is where the web design companies come in.

Web Design in Dubai

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Dubai has been one of the biggest commercial hotspots in the world because of its rapid growth. Therefore, it is only natural that many companies either start their business here right off the bat, or want to expand their business by opening a branch in Dubai. This has caused an overload of companies rising in Dubai, each establishing their own websites. In this regard they need a website according to the demands of the population here. Hence, there are a variety of web design companies in Dubai, however, if the web design is done incorrectly, every possible customer may miss on your website and you have to go back to the drawing board, find another web design agency, and spend money again. So, it is of outmost importance to thoroughly research the web design company, with which you intend to do business. In the following you find the reason why you can count on us to get you through the process.

Cooperation with Digitally Dubai

As the name applies, Digitally Dubai (www.digitallydubai.com) is a website design company in Dubai specialized in digital marketing, web design, WordPress web design and SEO. Our company is not just good, it is among the top 10 web design companies currently running in Dubai, and we cooperate not only with businesses inside the UAE, but also with international well-known brands. As an expert WordPress website design company, we take everything necessary for a successful website into consideration. So if you are looking for cheap web design, you can count on us, because we build you a website for a cheaper and more affordable price than any other web design company. Every site designed by Digitally Dubai is also SEO friendly, so that your website could appear on the first page of search engines. Our experts are always ready to help you build your website from scratch, so that your business come at the top. By choosing us, you will also have the advantage of a 24-hour support every day of the week, an aspect which sets us apart from the rest. While different web design companies offer a 3-month-long site support, we extend it to 6 or even 12 months. Our hosts and domains are placed in Germany and Canada, and they are fast.

WordPress Website Design

Here you could read about why WordPress web design is recommended by us. WordPress is an ideal CMS (Content Management System) for designing a website. In our company we have WordPress web developers who could help you build your website as best as possible. In the following the advantages of WordPress website development are listed:

Access Your Website with Ease

The only thing you need is internet connection. No matter where you are in the world, you could access your site. Surely you have experienced that you receive a warning email when you try to log in into your account on another device. That is a feature of WordPress. It does not prevent you from logging in on different devices, and it also uses free hosting.

Compatible with Plugins

Websites design by WordPress are easily connected to 54,000+ plugins, and they all are easy to update, at the same time, with just one click.

Customize to Your Own Accord

You would like to have a special website customization, unique to your own brand? Your hand is free in WordPress. Even after your website is finished and ready to use, you can edit texts, photos, and such any time you want, whereas such feature is not an easy task on other CMSs like Joomla.

Responsive Design

It has surely happened in times, you open up your cellphone browser, enter the address in the address bar, and the website does not show up correctly, it is a mess, right? Well, WordPress offers a responsive web design, meaning that your website shows up on every digital device such as a computer, tablet, cellphone, etc. as smoothly as you can expect.

Rapid Delivery

Because there are many pre-designed models, you could get your website delivered as fast as possible.


Unlike CMSs like Drupal, even if you are a beginner, WordPress is still easy to use, because it allows you and your customers as well as visitors to utilize your website with ease and enjoy it, without any complications, for it has an intuitive structure, i.e. neither you nor the users need to think about how to use your site, it just happens.

Search Engine Friendly

Websites designed by WordPress contain no complex coding, therefore, search engines like Google can recognize your keywords and show your website in the results.

SEO Friendly

Doing SEO optimization on sites based on WordPress is no hard task, which means the chances of your site showing up among the first results are even higher.

Lots of Support

There are endless numbers of support forums to help you with your questions. Furthermore, our support team is also always there to help you maintain your webpage.

Save the Best for the Last

WordPress is cheap, that is all. It is an affordable website design that enables every small business and start-up to acquire their own website.

Drawbacks and Their Solutions

There are a few drawbacks to WordPress website developments which could be easily dealt with. As mentioned earlier, WordPress offers a lot of pre-made models for you to choose, and this is the reason for its low price. However, if you just use one of these models, it could be a risk to your business, for a pre-prepared CMS also means low security. But WordPress website design professionals like us build a website for you which is based on WordPress, but we also make you a proprietary CMS specific to you, which encounters the low security.

Another issue with WordPress designs is linked to their speed. Other CMSs like Drupal could be faster than WordPress is at the start; nevertheless, it would be hard to keep them updated at all times, because you will need an expert developer and money. What was mentioned, does not mean that your WordPress website will be awfully slow. In fact, if the right optimizations are implemented at the beginning by a professional WordPress web design agency, you will end up with a truly fast performing site.

Of course, a handful of such drawbacks are no reason to close your eyes on WordPress. As you saw above, there are many advantages to WordPress, and these are only a few of them.

Be at the Top with a Low Price

The competition on the internet today is heavier than ever, and it will only be intensified as days go by. As a result, it is only natural for business owners to want to do all they can, to prevail in their field of expertise. The most common way is to spend money for advertisement. Many choose to pay to appear on TV commercials, or buy click ads on other websites. However, these means have proven to be insufficient or even completely useless. A lot of business owners always complain about their money being wasted on advertisement.

Google has come up with the best way to optimize your website with the lowest price and get into the top ranked sites on the first page of search engines. This strategy is called SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization. It is an easy way of optimizing your website to get the best results, which means huge numbers of people who would visit your website, and possibly become your regular customers. Though it is NOT something to be done by any person. This job requires lots of time and efforts to be invested in. There are companies which do this for you, and if you are looking for a SEO company in Dubai, we ate Digitally Dubai gladly give you a hand.

We offer you a variety of SEO services to make sure your website is seen in and outside of Dubai. Web design is our specialty, and SEO is exactly what an efficient website design needs. We make backlinks and internal links for your website, guide you by your contents, make sure you have the right keywords, optimize your site title, and review your articles to make sure their original. If there is any problem on your website, we will inform you, we check the integrity and the speed of your page, test your site with Google Webmaster Tools and Lighthouse, and implement SEO principles to modify your website in accordance with the Google’s Page Experience Algorithms. You could also receive advice on the new marketing methods, and also a monthly report on the function of your website.


As you read in this article, having a well-designed website is equal to having dominance in the business in which you are trying to advance and prosper. Professional web design is a time and money consuming task, so if you cannot meet the right measures, you could end up regretting it. The best decision to make here is to find a proper website design company. If you live in Dubai and have any intention of opening a website for your business, you should keep in mind that the competition in industrial and commercial hotspots is on another level. This is more reason to find and chose the best web design company in Dubai to make sure you come at the top.

As one of the top web design companies in Dubai, we, Digitally Dubai, do our best to deliver you an ideal website at a genuinely cheap price as fast as possible. Digitally Dubai is a WordPress website development company that never fails to gain the trust of its customers. We use WordPress web design to build and establish an intuitive and enjoyable website for your business, and implement SEO principles to maintain and optimize it, in order to bring it to the first page of Google, hence raising your viewers and potential customers. We do affordable web design in Dubai for all kinds of business, being it international, small, or start-up, while giving you 24*7 support.


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