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In today’s fast-paced world, web design companies have a crucial role to display various businesses to their customers as perfect as possible. Indeed, nowadays the most of the individuals prefer to search the net to achieve everything they want, such as different products and services. Therefore, different businesses have made decision to develop their own business on the net. Actually, a website can work wonders for today’s world businesses. Business owners are able to create awareness about their brand, educate the audience about their own business, collect the contact details of the prospects, understand the intention behind their search, and convert them as their brand ambassadors. Thus, to carry out all these operations and stand out from the competitors, crafting, development and maintenance of a website has always been the best idea.

Major criteria to find a reliable web design company

In this article, we are going to help you make the best choice among all web design companies in Dubai. At first, we are talking about the criteria of a reliable and acceptable website design company, after that, we are going to introduce top 10 website design agencies in Dubai.

web design in Dubai

What is your main aim to design a website?

Think carefully about your main target and also the facilities you require on your website. Do you want a website to introduce your services or do you want a website to sell online? Or both of them? Do you need a website with a creative design? How could you overcome your competitors on the net? What about the speed of your website? How to rank higher in the SERPs? And what about the budget you have set aside for this? Hence, it is better to choose the features which are vital for you, then you will be able to have a smart choice.

What are the main characteristics of an acceptable website design company?

As you know, there are a great deal of website design companies here in Dubai, and the number of them is increasing day by day. Thus, we have to define the basic criteria to have a correct choice.

Measure the quality of the website design company

The first criterion for a company to be the best website design company is that their website design is professional and unique. The first sample of any company is its own website. There are many website design companies that do not have a special design for their website.

Check the capabilities of the desired website design company

Another important issue that you should consider to choose a company is its ability to design a professional website. Could they design a dedicated and creative website for you? Could they customize different parts of the website to your taste whenever you need? How they support your website? Will they improve your websites features in the future?

For instance, you have a store website that works partially to sell a few products, but you don’t have any idea about the future, you may have more customers and want to increase your websites features. You may want them to optimize your website for both search engines and users to have much more customers. Do they have sufficient knowledge about google algorithms to achieve a high rank for your website? You may also need an SMS panel to communicate with your customers. Maybe, you desire to have a mobile application related to your store website. Does the website design company you have chosen have the ability to set up a SMs panel for you? Is it able to design a mobile application for your business?

Check these out to find out if their web design and programming team has the skills which are needed for more collaborations in the future. It is better to tell them one or two examples of the facilities that you want to add to your website in the future, before starting the cooperation to make sure that they can handle it. Some website design companies use their ready-made website builder to design all their clients’ websites. For this reason, they may not be able to improve it or you have to allocate a lot of money to develop it. Therefore, as it clear, they may not be able to meet your needs in the future and you will face a numerous problems related to it.

Don’t make a decision based on search engines result pages

Today, when a business want to find a web design company to cooperate with, search on the net to discover the best one. Actually, it has been known as a usual criterion that more individuals trust it. But unfortunately, there are many ways which those companies could utilize them to indicate themselves as a professional agency. Thus, searching on the net cannot be a reliable and trustworthy way to choose a web design company to cooperate with and the best way is to check web design companies previous works.

Check the website design costs

The high price of some website design companies does not indicate their professionalism! On the other hand, don’t be fooled by the low prices of some website design companies. Most of the web design companies or website design sites, are only looking to attract customers, that’s why the price of their website design is low. You must allocate enough budget to the facilities you want and the website design company will charge you. Some web design agencies consider a special condition for their customers. In fact, in spite of being professional, they prefer to craft affordable websites for business owners.

The importance of maintenance and supporting a website

One of the most important features of an acceptable and reliable website design company is providing timely support. There are only a few web design companies which have online support 24*7. When you want to choose a web design agency, you should ask about it, or for knowing about this, it could be a favorable idea to ask the previous customers of the company in question. Try to make contact with them and see if they are satisfied with the cooperation with the website design company or no. For instance, ask them when there was a problem with their website, how long it took them to solve the problem. Or if you wanted to add a new feature to your website, how long would it take? In addition to the facilities and capabilities that a website design company has, their support is also really crucial for the future of your business.

Web development companies in Dubai

When we are talking about website development, the latest web development trends will help us better attract both search engines & users. Only a professional web developer with extensive experience and knowledge will be aware of all the web development features. Moreover, something else which is important is the cost of their services. Hence, choosing an affordable web design company is really important when we are searching for it as a business owner. There are a large number of professional web design agencies in Dubai that we are talking about.

Digitally Dubai

Digitally Dubai ( is one of the best web design companies which has an experienced team. Digitally Dubai web design and SEO team in Germany and Canada has created a new group with a new style and approach to design and maintain websites in the latest solutions for the Arab world by the executive team of that group. Its services include designs for individuals, local small businesses, startup companies and global enterprises. Digitally Dubai has been working with numerous brands so far.

The most crucial factors for any expert website design company are their customers’ website’s structure, style, content management system, and utilization of internet marketing strategies, especially search engine optimization. Search engines have a lot of algorithms to manage different websites and rank them. Two of the most important of them are google page experience algorithm and light house. It is really vital that website design companies have enough knowledge about them and try to design websites based on search engines algorithms. Digitally Dubai web design team has always follow all of these algorithms, and achieving the green lighthouse is considered as an honor of this company.

Digitally Dubai’s creative web designers have always focused on creating and designing of high quality, high speed and SEO-friendly websites. In fact, they concentrate on quality, innovation, and speed more than everything else. This web design agency has been working for many years in different areas of building, maintenance and supporting of various kinds of websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing.

In addition to crafting websites, Digitally Dubai has also created mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating system by doing React Native development services. Hence, you are able to develop your business by adding this feature to your website. Digitally Dubai’s team includes a huge number of PHP Programmers who are experienced on WordPress, Joomla, Dripal, Magento, Opencard and Prestashop. This company also has an essential role in building wordpress themes. Actually, there are a great deal of professional wordpress themes which are creating by Digitally Dubai team.

Additionally, something else which is important for this web design company is presenting cost-effectiveness services to its customers. It means experts in this company tries to do their services in affordable ways. They try to consider both their customer needs and their budget as well as they can do it.  Therefore, you can be sure that Digitally Dubai is the best choice.  Other services which are offered by Digitally Dubai consist of digital marketing and search engine optimization. There is a special factor which distinguishes this agency from its competitors and it is related to its supporting. In fact, this company is equipped with online support 24*7 feature. Their experts are online all the time to fulfill their customers’ requirements and support their websites as well as possible.

Global Media Insight

Global Media Insight ( is a large digital web agency which began its journey several years ago in Dubai. It works on web design and development areas. A large number of websites are built by this agency. In addition, its services include search engine optimization, social media marketing, online advertising, video production, web analytics, content development and everything you require for your website and business.


The Blog.teamx’s ( is a beloved web design company. This web design and development company focused on clients’ success in their business. Its activities involve in ecommerce development, website development, designing logo and website maintenance and supporting. Experts in Blog.teamx develop your website to a further level and they are with you to maintain your website as an active and updated website.


According to Nexa (, “Growth” is the most important thing when you are talking about digital and online marketing. Nexa is a web development agency that helps a wide range of organizations in different areas. Actually this web design company is able to do somethings related to development a website for its customers, such as designing a website, search engine optimization and content marketing.

Web Castle

The next web design company is Web Castle ( This company is one of the most popular companies on web design services area. Web designing by an expert team, mobile app development, digital marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing are some services which are done by Web Castle.


Gligx ( is a team of website designers and developers with years of experience in web design and development in Dubai. It serves its customers with custom software development, mobile app development, digital marketing Service and websites development. This company has run a lot of web designing projects so far and it has been known as a successful company in this wide area.


As a professional web design agency in Dubai, Branex ( offers web development services. They are somewhat of an expert in building high-performing websites. They create highly customized design services that include advanced features for creating a personalized experience for their customers. Branex has supported a large number of delighted customers and successful projects during several years. Business owners who are working in various industries can count on Branex to deliver appropriate web design services in Dubai. Each website which has been designed by Branex so far is research-based, SEO optimized, and ready to roll out for digital marketing. In addition, logo designing, broachers designing, mobile app development, software development and social media are other areas that Branex is working on.


Grafdom ( is a web design company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, social media marketing, website development, website maintenance, logo design and digital marketing are some services which are done by this company for its customers. Websites which are designed by Grafdom are dynamic websites. Grafdom also manages social media networks and develops mobile apps and provides robust hosting solutions for different brands in Dubai.

Code & Co

Code & Co ( is working as a full-service and professional web design company in Dubai. Its services consist of web development, mobile development, CRM solutions, blockchain development, social media marketing and digital marketing. Code & Co team includes numerous professional digital consultants, web developers, graphic designers, programmers, project managers, and also international marketing experts.

Red Spider Web & Art Design

Red Spider Web and Art Design ( is a web design agency in Dubai which specializes in web design, web development, mobile application development, e-commerce websites, Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, and graphic designing & branding.


According to this article, a website is the most critical business tool for any company in today’s world. Your web presence is able to give a special attitude about your brand to individuals. Indeed, it determines how people see and experience your business, so you should consider your site as a strategic asset, especially now, when online is a way of life. Today in Dubai, there are several professional and reliable web design companies, that each one could be a great choice when you are trying to select the best web design agency.  We hope that any of the companies on this article might have inspired you to become an active partner with them.

As we said, the best web design and development company is able to add various facilities to your website and also it offers website maintenance services to you. Website maintenance is a continuous process and businesses are required to maintain their websites to meet the changing needs of the market and users. Furthermore, Digital Marking is another way which can help you shine on online marketing as bright as possible. Hence, ask the web design company which is cooperating with to do somethings related to digital marketing for your brand. Moreover, search engine optimization has always been one of the most important part of web design companies’ services. It is really crucial for the future of your business. Therefore, pay attention to this service as a special one. Finally, as a large number of people prefer to be online on their mobile phones, don’t forget to utilize facilities related to mobile apps to develop your brands.

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