Advanced filter — WordPress / WooCommerce Product Filter

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Its filtering is dynamically based on all product features and categories.

It lets you create a powerful filtering system for your e-commerce website.

woocommerce filter

Features of Advanced Product Filter:

  • Multilingual capability
  • Capability of changing filter theme color on the admin panel
  • Filtering based on all product features
  • Capability to select simultaneously multiple features for filtering
  • Filtering based on product categories
  • Totally responsive and compatible with all devices, such as mobile phones
  • Mobile-responsive design and mobile-specific webs
  • AJAX-based coding for high-speed filtering and product displa
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins
  • Compatible with PHP version 8 and above
  • Optimized for the best search engine results
  • Supports variable products in WooCommerce
  • Automatically implementation on category pages and shop pages after installation of plugin

Some of this plugins filterings consist of:

  • Filtering based on categories and subcategories
  • Filtering based on the products Price (minimum and maximum price of filtered products). It works with compatibility for variable products (multiple pricing)
  • Sorting by popularity, product rating, newest products, lowest price, and highest price
  • Filtering based on products rating
  • Filtering based on all defined products attributes such as color, size and etc.
  • Filtering based on product type: being variable or simple
  • Filtering based on type of sale: discounted, non-discounted
  • Filtering based on stock status: in stock, out of stock
  • And more…

woocommerce product filter

Filtering based on product types and their features

woocommerce product filter

Filters are dynamic and created based on the products features. When a new feature is added to your website, the filter related to it, will automatically be added to the filter section.

Capability of changing the base color of all filters in the settings of the admin panel.

Mobile-responsive version

woocommerce product filter

Accessibility of its Settings is on the admin panel.

woocommerce product filter

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