Digital Marketing

Digitally Dubai is a professional webdesign company which is able to provide special services related to web designing, SEO and digital marketing to individuals around the globe. As we said, one particular service of Digitally Dubai, which is performed along with SEO and website optimization, is online advertising and marketing for businesses.

There are different ways of marketing on the internet environment, one of them is search engine optimization (SEO) and websites, which are the most important and cost-effective ways of internet marketing. On online environment, companies can use SEO and websites benefit from other online advertising methods such as clicking ads on Google Adwords, social media marketing, advertising on popular sites, using effective and relevant content for marketing, and sending emails.

In addition to its main services, Digitally Dubai provides these types of services to its dear customers. Due to its services low cost and high efficiency, Internet marketing can play a very effective role in the development and economic prosperity of various businesses.

Another Digitally Dubai service is to provide Instagram services to customers in terms of maintaining and creating content and doing Instagram business. In the following description, we will summerize the concept of digital marketing:

What is digital marketing?

In today’s marketing world, digital marketing is a concept which is known as a special way for improving different businesses. It is better to know that digital marketing is a cover concept for all activities which are carried out online to attract customers to a special business. If we want to have a look at the history of marketing, we must say that human beings have been using the marketing method to earn money.

Nowadays, the internet has become a very important part of every one’s life. Because of that, marketing has recently found its own way to the internet and changed the world of business to a better and more competitive place. Today, we know all of these changes as digital marketing. A large number of professional webdesign companies are providing digital marketing services everyday in different areas of the world.

Is digital marketing suitable for all businesses?

Generally, it can be said that all companies, businesses and even all kinds of factories need online marketing in some way. Regardless of the service or product you produce, it is essential to use marketing techniques and strategies to get to know your customers better. Remember that, this is not to say that digital marketing strategy is the same for everyone. Rather, each business must use a special strategy based on its conditions and field of activity.

Since there are many branches of this type of marketing and its strategies, each of them can be used with all kinds of budgets.

Formulation of digital marketing strategy

The importance of digital marketing for online businesses is obvious, and it can be fruitful and profitable for small and large businesses. But in order to have an effective online presence, you need to develop a strategy.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategies consist of various types which can help you in creating a specific plan, professional path ahead, choosing the most suitable tools and in Help design the digital marketing plan. In the following, we will introduce several strategies of digital marketing.

The first strategy: Attention to the the target market

The first and most important thing that you should pay attention to, in the marketing process, is identifying your target market. The market means your customers, and actually people who have the potential to become your permanent customers (potential customers).

Determining the target market is important because you need specific data to focus on how you advertise and create different campaigns. To determine the target market, you need to examine your customers from the following aspects.

The second strategy: Target market of digital marketing

This part is along with  the attention to the message. Message means what you are going to say to the target market. Why people should choose you and use your products and services. Your message must be very compelling and unambiguous to get people to pay attention even if they are reluctant to do so. In a way, it can be said that in Message there is value and distinction of your business from others, which the target market should get correctly.

The third strategy: Attention to the type of media

The previous two points were common between digital and traditional marketing, but the third point, and actually what separates the border of digital marketing from traditional marketing, is the choice of media type. Because at this stage, we are going to choose what media and platform to use to deliver our message to the target market.

Types of digital marketing channels

digital marketing is a general coverage and includes many concepts. In general, all the activities which are done to attract customers to use the Internet and connect different businesses on the online space is called digital marketing. Now, according to this definition, you can recognize which marketing methods can be considered as digital marketing methods, and which marketing methods are not related to this field. Now, we will try to introduce digital marketing channels.

Content Marketing

One of the most crucial concepts in the field of digital marketing is content marketing. As you have heared, content is the king. No one can ignore the power of content. No matter which online platform you are active on, what you need is, targeted content.

Some individuals may think that content means only textual content. Although textual content is really valuable and it can affect various platforms possitively, you should know that content includes video, images and text. In fact, anything that causes a customer to interact with your brand is included in content marketing.

Important points in content marketing

If you want to be successful in digital marketing and content marketing, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

Determine the requirement of your audience. This allows you to create targeted content.

Use quality tools in content production process. Textual content, images, videos and everything you share on your online space should be really effective and useful for your audience.

Take advantage of pure and unique ideas (this part will make your brand grow dramatically).

The tips mentioned above will help your brand get the best results from content creation. It is better to know that the only reason that makes the user interact with your site or social platforms, is the type of content, that is placed on it. Therefore, it could be a great idea to invest in your content on online space.

Sponsored Content

One of the methods proposed in the field of digital marketing, is using of sponsored content. In this type of advertising, the focus is more on educational content. As a matter of fact, it can be considered as a value to the user, so that the user does not feel influenced by an ad. Rather, the user thinks that the ad has conveyed important educational information to them, and this has caused them to make a rational decision and buy or receive services.

These contents help a lot  improve the brand position. According to the research conducted in the field of digital marketing, it can be emphasized that the effectiveness of this content is better than other methods.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO in digital marketing, is one of the well-known methods in the field of digital marketing. Many individuals know digital marketing as SEO. Because sites have a great power in attracting customers and usually businesses which start their activities with a site on the Internet to achieve high sales.

Nowadays, SEO has become a very complex topic and it cannot be easily implemented on websites. The entry of many users into the Internet world has made the Google engine implement many algorithms on the Internet space, and this makes users to be in contact with an intelligent or omniscient engine.

How long does it take to SEO the site?

It is better to know that sites need at least 6 months to be SEO and be noticed by Google robots. For this reason, it is recommended to be patient in this path and devote enough time to this work.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is a crucial concept in the field of digital marketing and it refers to the marketing activities which are done to attract the audience in exchange for payment. For example, click ads like Google AdWords ads is one of these examples. Studies show that marketers who use search engine marketing in a targeted way can achieve great and long term success. Hence, it is recommended to consider all the data and then implement the necessary and crucial strategies.

Click ads (Pay Per Click)

Click ads are one of the most important ads which are known in the field of digital marketing. In this method, advertisements are placed on different channels and then the cost is reduced with each click. You should know that there are some important issues on click ads, for instance, you cannot place an ad on any channel.

The advertisement must match the content of the channel or the site where it is placed. This problem prevents the user from getting confused and allows the user to communicate well with the ad.

Email Marketing

One of the most important methods in digital marketing is email marketing. In this method, the advertisement content is sent to the users’ email, and this makes the users get to know the business or brand through their email. Studies show that more than 20% of business customers are attracted through email. By using email marketing, many changes can be made in marketing.

Network marketing

Today, there is no one who is not familiar with social media marketing. One of the most well-known social networks in the globe is Instagram. The importance of social media marketing in digital marketing field, is really important. Actually, the Google engine has announced that if businesses which have websites are active on these networks, the Google engine considers them as a strong backlink for the sites. It is really main to be present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Marketing Automation

The digital marketing automation method is called marketing automation. Advertising automation has many benefits and brings many targeted customers to your business and brand.

Today, many big and reputable brands in the world, use marketing automation to attract customers. In this way, everything is automated and marketers have more time to radically revise everything.

Online PR

Generally, you should know that positive public relations are one of  things that will help you grow. In online public relations, a brand must appear on every platform where its customers are present and try to create a positive image of itself. Also, the way a brand communicates with customers on these platforms is very important.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a method in digital marketing that seeks to establish a long-term relationship with the customer. In this method, products are sold in a targeted manner. As a matter of fact, in this method, an important requirement is created by customers and then the customer decides to look for your business to buy. What inbound marketing focuses on is creating a sense of happiness and satisfying in the customer.

Mobile Marketing

Today, all people have mobile phones, and this has led to the emergence of a concept called mobile marketing in digital marketing. For mobile marketing, multiple channels such as SMS, email, app and other methods are used to make them interact with the brand.

Studies demonstrate that if mobile marketing is done correctly, it can increase brand customers to a great extent. Because nowadays all people around the world have mobile phones and this portal should be used to introduce the brand to them.

The importance of using digital marketing

It is better to know that the importance of using digital marketing is so important and today you cannot achieve success without it. In fact, today studies show that almost all individuals enter the world of the Internet before buying goods or services. Therefore, if businesses are present in this space, they will attract customers much more than their competitors.

Digital marketing site

From the end of the 90s and entering the year 2000, Google became available to people as a powerful tool for searching and was able to create huge changes in the structure of life and businesses. Currently, this concept has become so crucial in the field of digital marketing, and conducting activities related to digital marketing on a site is one ofthe important things that almost all business owners are looking for.

Of course, you should know that Google is not the only search engine and other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo,, Baidu and wolframapha are utilized for searching. But due to the fact that Google is the most well-known search engine, we consider Google in this article.

It is an obvious fact that a site can be used as a powerful tool for digital marketing and online advertising. You can find the keyword which you want to boost your business based on. Then, according to Google’s algorithms, expose your business to potential customers. A clear example is the Amazon site.

Digital marketing agency

Are you looking for a reliable company to be able to boost your business on online space?! would you like to become a trusted brand among your customers as soon as possible?! Are you looking for branding?! All these things are achieved when you have a relationship with people who are experts in the field of digital marketing.

That’s why it’s no wonder that many businesses are looking for a professional digital marketing agency to help their business grow! If you are looking for these agencies, you need to keep several points in mind in order to be successful.

The first and most important point that you should consider when choosing these agencies is the credibility of that agency. You should pay attention to whether the company you want to do your advertising has the necessary licenses for business or not! This will help you trust it more easily. Another point that you should consider when choosing an agency is the company’s portfolio. In addition, affordable webdesign and digital marketing services can be considered as a factor when you want to choose a webdesign company.

Digital marketing tools

If we want to refer to the types of digital marketing, we can refer to the web space, Google search engine and various platforms. Each of these items has a special place on online advertising and helps your business to be seen.

It can be said that one of the most important issues that should be considered on online advertising, is the Google search engine. Google is a very powerful tool that is used by many users around the world. As a result, if this search engine is used well, it can be turned into a profitable platform for online advertising.

One of  things that will help you display your business as good as possible to customers on Google is SEO. In fact, by optimizing your site, you will move it to the first rank of Google, where you will be seen by customers. Statistical studies demonestrate that if the SEO of a site is done accurately, it plays a very effective role in the growth of the business and can cause that business to become a professional brand.

All in all

As you read in current article digital marketing has always has a special role in online branding. with the advance of technology and the development of online space, different businesses have this opportunity to boost themselves and attract individuals to their brands. Digitally Dubai as one of the top 10 webdesign companies in Dubai, is able to make a particular chance for all businesses around the world to improve their position on online space and increase their ranks on search engines.

Hence, businesses would be able to attract potential customers if they utilized this great environment as well as possible.